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Solo Por Hoy has a permanent housing program through housing vouchers for families who spend the night on the street. Assistance through these vouchers is known as the “Rapid-Re-Housing Program”, a model of assistance for a period of 24 months in which the family achieves emotional and economic stability. Individuals and families are selected through the Coordinated Entry System and, if accepted into the program, an individualized plan is worked out for them that includes progress evaluations, personal empowerment, life skills development, financial counseling and psychological therapy, all with in order to achieve stability in permanent housing.

Outreach programs of Solo Por Hoy are known as “Peer to Peer” or Peer programs. This methodology is implemented with the hiring of recovered individuals who work in the community outreach area, facilitating the process through personal identification with the program participants.

The outreach program has two components:

The first is the mobile unit known as "Camino a Casa" (Way Home), which goes out on a weekly route to provide case management services in an area with a high incidence of homeless people. Serving people in their environment to obtain essential services such as health reform, nutritional assistance card and TANF and referring to a housing model that protects the integrity of the people. This includes: Emergency Shelters, Temporary Housing, Permanent Housing, among others.

The second is the nocturnal outreach route where a team of outreach facilitators goes out to high incidence areas to offer emergency services, food, hygiene, food and referrals to the Coordinated Entry System office.

Solo Por Hoy has a Substance Abuse Prevention program known as the truth about drugs. For this program workshops are presented in schools and communities that need it. For appointments 787-626-1894

Solo Por Hoy has a recovery program which provides assistance to people who have lost their homes due to a natural disaster and do not have the resources or a safe and stable place to live. It evaluates individuals and families to assess the needs of each family and establish an individualized plan that results in a housing placement. We have short and medium term Housing Vouchers from ESG funds throughout the Island.

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