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Domestic Violence CES

Coordinated Entry System-DV

Our Mission

Find out about what we do and why. Learn more about our commitments to domestic victims.

Connect with us

Here you can find how to connect to primary service centers for the violence victims.


Access the admissions, evaluation, and flowchart of the admission process to the services that violence victims need.

What is a DV-Coordinated System?

The Domestic Violence Coordinated Entry System is designed to assess the needs of participants who are fleeing or trying to flee from a violence situation. According to the identified needs, support and location services are offered in the different housing types. The main purpose of the DV-Coordinated Entry System is that people can access safe housing resources quickly and with the minimum of barriers.

Learn about violence

Service Directory

24/7 Orientation Line

Línea 939-CONTIGO


Oficina de la Procuradora de las Mujeres


Programa de Asuntos de la Mujer, Municipio de Carolina (RAMA)


Emergency Shelters

Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos

787-548-5290 / 787-723-3500

Casa Protegida de Mujeres y Niños(as) – Capromuni


Hogar Ruth, Inc.

787-792-6595 / 787-883-1805

Transitional Housing

Guayacán Housing


Oficina de Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer (ODIM)