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Coordinated Entry System

Continuum of Care - PR 502

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Find out about what we do and why. Learn more about our commitments to the Homeless

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Here you can find how to connect to primary service centers for the Homeless such as food, showers and emergency shelters


Access the admissions, evaluation and flowchart of the admission process to the services that Homeless People need.

What is a Coordinated System?

It is a system or process designed to coordinate the entry, assessment and referral of participants that consistently promotes access in our community by achieving the most appropriate location for the homeless. The system must cover the geographic area, be easily accessible to participants and must be highly published (advertising campaign) and have a uniform evaluation instrument for all who access the system. Communities that use this system, individuals and families complete the evaluation instrument which identifies the best destination for the participants including families. Continuum programs accept referrals from the coordinated system, which reduces and simplifies for the participant the need to go through multiple attempts to access the services they need. When the programs do not have enough space, the system gives priority according to the needs of the participants. In the PR50e, this system will be implemented in two phases, starting with the participants literally on the street, category 1 and based on chronicity through the “Outreach”, following the guidelines of the “Written Standards” of the continuum. In a second phase, the location of the participants in emergency shelters, transitional housing and ESG programs will be added as broken down in the “Written Standards”.





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